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To many, London is the greatest city in the world, with a trip through the city taking you from one landmark to the next.

The buttons to the left detail each landmark. Click on the pics displayed on each page and you'll get a walk-through of these incredible places.

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featured Big Ben

Big Ben

Big Ben is the name given by the public to the clock or clock tower on the north side of the Houses of Parliament. It’s not an official name and is actually the nickname of the bell inside theRead more Read More →



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featured Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum is located in Lambeth and is an exhibition of wartime artefacts. The idea was conceived by MP Sir Alfred Mond and in 1917 the War Cabinet agreed to his proposal to commemorate the First WorldRead more Read More →



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featured London Eye

London Eye

The London Eye is one of London’s best and most focal landmarks and also oneĀ of the most popular, being visited by around 4 million people a year and making it the UK’s most used paid for attraction. It liesRead more Read More →



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