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Time: Tours most Tuesdays at 2.00pm

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Entry Price: Tour - £7.00 for adult

150m from Cannon Street

50m from Bank

Mansion House is the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London and was built 1739-58. It’s a Georgian town palace built in Palladian style and it lies in the heart of the City (the financial ‘Square Mile’), being above Bank station. The Lord Mayor presides over this small area and is different to the Mayor of London who oversees the whole of London.

The title of Lord Mayor was first bestowed in 1189 by King William II, but from 1215 the City have elected their own Lord Mayor with votes cast by people from a host of local trades. The vote takes place each year on September 29th (Michaelmas Day).

The house was built for the Lord Mayor to receive guests and hold civic ceremonies and, as he was also magistrate in days gone by, hold court proceedings. For his judiciary role, eleven holding cells were built in the basement including one for women, nicknamed ‘The Birdcage’. This at one time held famous suffragette Emilene Pankhurst and the cells can be viewed.

Today, apart from being the Lord Mayor’s home and office, it is used for meetings and conferences by businesses and charities. Probably the biggest event at the house is the Lord Mayor’s annual dinner and it is during this dinner that the Chancellor of the Exchequer gives his traditional Mansion House speech.
The building has lavish furnishings, holding collections of sculpture and art and the banqueting hall is known as the Egyptian Hall. There is a magnificent Plate Collection. The entrance facade has a portico with six Corinthian columns and stands at the meeting point of the old Roman roads of Cornhill, Cheapside and Poultry.

For historians, this is one of the best London sites with tours available on Tuesdays or by appointment.

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