Address: London W1C

1450m from Marylebone

0m from Marble Arch/Bond St/Oxford Circus/Tottenham Court Rd

Address: London W1C

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Oxford Street is London’s main shopping road and is in fact Europe’s busiest with most of the major UK retailers having at least one store there, which is often the company’s ‘flagship’ store.

The street is 1.5 miles long and runs between Marble Arch on the west side to the meeting point of Tottenham Court Road and Charing Cross Road on the east side. To the south are the areas of Mayfair and Soho and approximately halfway along is the traffic roundabout of Oxford Circus which is where Regent Street crosses. Apart from a small part at the western end, the road is restricted to taxis, buses and pedestrians.

It was originally part of an old Roman road from Hampshire to Colchester before becoming part of the road from Newgate to Oxford. For centuries it was known as Tyburn Road and was often the last road used by prisoners who were taken from Newgate Prison to be hanged at Tyburn, near the present Marble Arch. Tyburn was named after the River Tyburn which runs under Oxford Street today.

The road was variously known as Uxbridge Road, Worcester Road and Oxford Road before becoming Oxford Street in the early 18th century. The Street was named after the Earl of Oxford who was a local landowner with the Grosvenor Estate being one of the few private properties nearby. Georgian houses started to spring up and in 1838-40 many were redesigned with shop fronts. There was major development in this area between 1865 and 1890 which produced the current uniform model.

Today we see stores such as Selfridges, Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis and 300 others with millions of shoppers attracted every year. The street is also famous for its Christmas lights which are switched on every November by a well known celebrity.

Due to the enormous number of shoppers, Oxford Street must be one of the most popular London landmarks.

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