Address: Grosvenor Square, London W1K 6

2000m from Marylebone

450m from Bond Street

The Roosevelt Memorial stands in Grosvenor Square Gardens in the middle of Mayfair. This area was HQ for senior US personnel during World War II and known at the time as Little America, indeed the US embassy was built later and now stands on the west side of the park.

The statue is in memory of US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945) who was in office 1933-45 and known to all as ‘FDR’. He was a strong ally of Britain during the War and forged a great alliance with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The statue was built by Sir William Reid Dick.

The memorial was a marvellous example of gratitude and generosity by the people of Britain at the end of the War and was funded by the sale of a souvenir brochure. The book cover stated “This Souvenir Book is given to you in grateful acknowledgment of your donation of five shillings to the Franklin Roosevelt Fund. It has been produced and distributed at no cost to the Fund. It is hoped that as many persons as possible will contribute five shillings in order that the memorial may be thoroughly representative of the British people’s wishes to commemorate Mr Roosevelt”.

The appeal was broadcast by the Prime Minister over the radio. Such was the willingness to contribute, due to the respect and love of the man, a limit of five shillings (25p) was put on it and this saw the money raised in just six days with over 160,000 subscribers. It has to be mentioned that this was during a time of national food rationing, unemployment, poverty and hardship. The idea was put forward by ‘The Pilgrims’, a group who fostered Britain/US relations.

The sculpture was unveiled by Roosevelt’s wife, Eleanor on 12th April 1948. She was led to the statue by King George VI. The ceremony included other members of the royal family, Sir Winston Churchill and Prime Minister Clement Attlee and the American National Anthem was played.

Being located in a park in London’s wealthiest area, the Roosevelt Memorial is one of the most exclusive landmarks in central London.

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