Address: The Mall, London SW1A 2WH

350m from Charing Cross

200m from Charing Cross

Address: The Mall, London SW1A 2WH

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The Mall is the name of the road that runs directly from Buckingham Palace to Admiralty Arch, with the latter being near Trafalgar Square. It has been transformed from the dusty track to St James’s Palace of 300 years ago and now sees many ceremonial processions by the Royal Family and state visits by foreign dignitaries for which it is lined with national flags. For this purpose it is coloured red to give the effect of a red carpet.

The road is approximately 1km (0.62 miles) long and has a host of the best London landmarks nearby. At the western end we find Buckingham Palace with the Queen Victoria Memorial outside the front gates. Moving clockwise are Green Park, Lancaster House, Clarence House, St James’s Palace, Marlborough House, the building of The Royal Society and the building of the Institute of Contemporary Arts. This brings us down to Admiralty Arch, a listed road arch and office block built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s reign. Through Admiralty Arch is found Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column.

Connected to Admiralty Arch on the south side is the Old Admiralty Building, now used by the Ministry of Defence and then running west on the south side, or slightly south west, is St James’s Park, with Horse Guards Parade next to both the Park and the Old Admiralty Building. St James’s Park runs all the way back to Buckingham Palace.

On days of huge national celebration The Mall is traditionally full of people. They are normally there to see the Royal Family appear on the Palace balcony and these occasions have included wartime and wedding celebrations.

The Mall has been used as the classic finish for sporting events. It’s currently the finishing point for the London Marathon and has been used for Olympic events and the Tour de France. It’s closed to traffic on Sundays.

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